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Emergency First Aid Oxygen & Accessories Medical Oxygen Unit.

Advanced First Aid offers superior emergency oxygen delivery systems than most of the systems on the market. The products we offer are simple to operate, are of high quality construction, and will help save lives. We stand behind the products that we recommend.


• Meets FDA requirements – no prescription needed.
• Carried in durable shoulder bag – leaves both hands
• Shoulder bag has a window to view contents gauge
• Permanently attached on/off handle – no wrench needed
• Pressure gauge in cylinder post valve – shows oxygen
level in cylinder
• Refillable lightweight aluminum cylinder
• 7’ kink proof hose

CONTENTS: 246-liter oxygen 
USP FLOW: Dual Flow = Off, Low (8 LPM), High (15 LPM)
ENDURANCE: 246-liter (8 LPM) 30 minute supply MATERIALS: Aluminum
tank; Chrome plated brass regulator
INCLUDES: Mask and kink free hose
1) Review all product data sheets on proper use of equipment.
2) Oxygen Tank and Mask / Hose MUST BE pre-connected prior to
putting equipment in service!
3) Most medical oxygen companies in your local area can refill
your oxygen tank.

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