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How To Perform Hands-Only CPR

Intuitive Design

Performing CPR can be tiring, so we created a device that makes it easier to administer life-saving chest compressions. CPR RsQ Assist’s ® ergonomic, EASY-TO-GRIP, NON-SLIP handle allows you to leverage your upper body strength and weight as you push down, delivering quality compressions in the center of the chest – over minimal clothing if needed.

Audio & Visual Prompts

The key to successful hands-only CPR is performing at least 100 compressions per minute for at least two minutes at a depth of at least 2 inches in the center of the victim’s chest. Keeping track of the compressions and keeping up the pace can be confusing in the heat of the moment. CPR RsQ Assist® is equipped with an audio and visual metronome with a flashing red LED light and voice prompts to guide you confidently through the compression timing.

AED Compatibility

The 2010 American Heart Association guidelines call for at least 100 compressions per minute for at least two minutes prior to using an AED. The FDA-approved CPR RsQ Assist® is available with its own custom-designed wall cabinet. CPR RsQ Assist® wall cabinet signage is available so rescuers know CPR RsQ Assist® is there to help. 

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