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Initial Training and Services

Advanced First-Aid is in the business of teaching laypersons and health care professionals how to save lives. Legislation has broadened the Good Samaritan Laws (GSL) to cover AED’s as well as CPR. GSL protect individuals and organizations from negligence for acting in good faith when helping someone in need.

Your organization can benefit from an Advanced First Aid training seminar for your organization. We will teach life saving techniques to your staff. Your organization will have a basic level of CRP, AED and First Aid knowledge to help respond to emergencies. Your staff will be able to recognize cardiac arrest, respond to the victim, perform life saving CPR, and use a defibrillator. These critical actions are necessary to maintain a cardiac arrest victim's life until paramedics arrive at the scene.

Our training classes will be tailored to your organization's unique needs. Our processional staff will accommodate any physical needs that your staff members have. We will schedule the training to best accommodate your shift schedules. We will dedicate ourselves to ensure that your staff has the knowledge to help save a life.

Advanced First-Aid teaches first aid, AHA CPR/AED, bystander CPR/AED and other life saving techniques to lay people within communities, organizations, and businesses. Our staff has over 30 years of experience. Our trainers consist of paramedics, nurses, and EMT’s who have strong backgrounds in emergency medical services. Learning techniques like CPR and AED is simple. The real challenge is getting students past their fears, teaching them to not panic and remain calm and initiate live saving care to the victim in an emergency. Our classes are non-threatening, laid-back, comfortable and fun. We guarantee every student will leave our class knowledgeable and confident that they can save the life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

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