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Bryan Platz

Bryan Platz - Advanced First Aid Bryan is an active police officer since 1998 and a 9-year veteran of the United States Air Force. Bryan is the law enforcement representative on Minnesota’s heart safe advisory committee. He’s also the director of the nationally recognized Heart Safe Coon Rapids program, and is leading efforts on the Anoka County-wide heart safe program. Bryan's heart safe program has trained over 15,000 residents since 2012. Furthermore, he has led the effort to establish England's first Heart Safe Bystander CPR program. Bryan’s direct heart safe efforts in the community has resulted in four confirmed bystander saves dating back to 2013.

As a police officer, Bryan has responded to hundreds of medical emergencies, including cardiac arrest. Bryan has saved lives using nothing more than his hands and an AED. As a first responder, Bryan sees cardiac arrest in its rawest form, in its first few minutes. He understands the chaos and terror families, co-workers, teammates and friends experience when they see a loved one go down. While there is no replacement for experience, Bryan believes proper, no nonsense training will enable bystanders to push through their fears, take immediate action and save lives. Bryans training will empower and inspire students to overcome their fear and take immediate action in those first few critical minutes of cardiac arrest. Bryan's philosophy on survival is a simple one, "Don't Wait for the Help...BE the Help."  As a member of the AFA team, his efforts are helping to change the culture on lay rescuer response to cardiac arrest.
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