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Rachael Pederson

My name is Rachael Pederson and I joined the team at Advanced First Aid in July of 2015 as the Office Manager. My background includes business and business management. Having little experience in the medical field, I have learned a great deal about AED’s and how important they are to have, even having one in my own home now. When I talk to the survivors and their families that have been saved by an AED, it sends chills down my spine knowing a small investment can mean seeing your children grow up, continuing to be able to play your favorite sport, see another day. It is these thoughts that make me want to be a part of something so important, yet not enough knowledge is out there to the public/business’ as to how important AED’s are.  I hope to be the best support for our sales team to educate the public on how important having an AED accessible truly is.

My husband and I reside in Ramsey and have 3 children and a granddaughter.  In my spare time I enjoy watching football, camping and spending time with my family. 


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