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Troy Lachinski

I have been a Volunteer Firefighter and First Responder for the city of East Bethel since 2005.

I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  

SCA is the leading cause of death in the workplace, home and on the school ground.  1000 Americans die every day from SCA. Today, sadly most SCA victims die while waiting for the help to arrive.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  If a bystander starts compression only CPR and can apply an AED within two minutes the survival rate can reach 85%. These people are save-able!  The Heart Safe program is a key to increasing the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest victims.  We are giving the public training and confidence to take action and save lives.  The Heart Safe program is also working with local businesses to make AED’s more accessible in our community.

Bryan Platz’s enthusiasm with the Heart Safe Coon Rapids program inspired me to champion the cause in East Bethel.

In 2015 the city of East Bethel achieved the Heart Safe designation from the Minnesota Department of Health.   

I have worked side by side with SCA survivors Tim Hoffman and Bill Hoppenrath, their survival stories drive me to work harder to train more citizens and get more public access AEDs in our community.

Contact me today to set up training for your group or business or to discuss what AED would fit best in your business. 

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