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From the category archives: The need for AEDs - Advanced First-Aid

First Aid Training

Why Should You Take A First Aid Course

Earning your first aid certification can open the doors to new opportunities. It has the potential to enhance your life in many different aspects. So you're probably curious as to why you should earn your advanced first aid certification if it's not a requirement implemented by your employer or necessary for your field of work.

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What You Will Learn In An Advanced First Aid Class

Some people are required to obtain their advanced first aid/ CPR certification in order to work. Others opt for it to better themselves and to have the ability to help someone in the event of an emergency. During one of these classes, a person will learn the following:

American Heart classes will teach you to use a defibrillator. An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a piece of equipment that may be used when a person goes into cardiac arrest. Currently, it's the only treatment known to restore a person's heart rhythm effectively when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. A defibrillator analyzes a person's heart rhythm and sends an electrical shock in order to reestablish a normal heart rhythm.

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