The Holiday season is a notorious time for heart attacks. This is not an old wife's tale, it is statically proven. In fact there are more cardiac related deaths on December 25 than on any other day of the year, with the day after Christmas taking second place. Blame it on the increase in fatty foods, stress, the cold weather itself, or a more sedentary lifestyle in the winter. Whatever the reason for the increase in heart attacks, CPR training comes in handy more during this time of year.CPR Training Classes

Make holiday memories that are heart warming, not heart wrenching by being prepared for any emergency. The fall is the time of year to update the CPR skills of your employees with refresher courses at Advanced First Aid, so you and your business will be ready for anything that comes your way this season.

Train for Your CPR Certification in Minneapolis

We offer several options for CPR training depending on your present skill level:

Bystander CPR/AED Training: Learn to identify the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest, and the science behind saving a life. This class is great for beginners.

BLS for Health Care Provider American Heart Association: This training is specifically for health care providers already familiar with CPR and AED.

First Aid American Heart Association: This class offers training for emergencies, from trauma to heart attacks.

Our classes are no fluff, students receive real world knowledge and hands on practice. Course certification cards are provided for each class.

Who should learn CPR in Minneapolis? Everyone should know how to save a life in the case of an emergency. However, if you are choosing just a handful of select employees to take CPR training, then employees who work most around the public, employees who work around children, all health care professionals, and at least one person on each shift regardless of the job should have emergency training.

Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy During the Holidays

  • Try to remain as active as you can. A short walk a day to get your blood moving can prevent some of the heart problems associated with the winter sedentary change of pace.

  • It is okay to indulge in holiday favorites, but also make healthy choices and try not to over indulge.

  • Try to remain calm. If you know a particular thing triggers your stress either avoid it or find a coping mechanism to help you get through it (think Yoga). Even good excitement can increase your heart rate, so try to remain as calm and peaceful as you can.

  • Learn to recognize the early signs of a heart attack so action can be taken immediately.

Is CPR and AED training worth your time when there are ambulances available? The question of the usefulness of emergency training in the workplace in urban areas has been asked because of the availability of ambulances and hospitals within the city. If you look at the numbers you will see that CPR and AED response by a trained person can literally mean the difference in life and death. An ambulance takes at least 5 minutes with an average of 12 minutes to arrive at a location, sometimes conditions stretch that time out to an hour or more. In the first few moments after a heart attack fast action and the right equipment will literally save a life. Ambulances and paramedics are the preference. However in those frightful moments before they arrive, it is good to have someone around to give temporary care to the patient.

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