Part of surviving every emergency is being prepared to handle what life throws at you. That applies to being home, at work, or out in public. First-Aid training is mandatory in many industries, but it is practical in every industry. Whether you are dealing with the public or in a private suite of offices, a medical emergency can happy in the blink of an eye. When you are not prepared to respond, then your only option is to wait for help to arrive. First-Aid training takes away the wait but making you and your team the helping hand that victims needs. Time is the biggest enemy in most emergencies. Knowing First-Aid gives you time and can mean the difference between life and death.

Training for First-Aid and AED

Advanced First-Aid offers Training for First-Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED.) The newest AED models are super easy to use. The automated systems are smart. A first responder only needs to turn on the machine and then apply the electrodes to the victim. The AED knows if it needs to issue a charge. These machines are not only smart, they are saving lives every day across the nation. By being capable of reading the heart rate of the person it is attached to, the AED determines whether or not to shock the victim. The first responder does not have to make that decision. The AED will do it for them.

AED in Minneapolis

Advanced First-Aid offers training and AED sales. Being a host for an AED unit makes help that much closer. In the past, some of the problems with having an AED on site was that the maintenance of the unit was intense. The new AED units take most of the work out of maintaining them. These units provide easy to perform weekly and monthly testing for OSHA compliance. Many units have a visible readiness meter that lets you visibly check to make sure the unit is charged and ready to use.

Why is Training Important?

Cardiac arrest is one of the most common emergencies that people suffer. When your heart stops or is damaged due to fibrillation, the only way to save your life is to make your heart keep pumping. CPR helps to manually keep your blood flowing, but it may not be enough. In some cases, an electrical charge is used to reset your hearts rhythm. Sometimes that is all that is needed for the heart to continue to work. The time that is saved from when an AED is used and emergency help arrives is not only capable of saving a life, it is capable of preventing damage to other organs such as your brain. Having an AED on site and knowing how to use it are what helps people survive emergency situations. Advanced First-Aid makes that process simple by offering training and refresher course in first-aid and AED certification.

Advanced First-Aid: Services that We Offer

We offer training and sales of AED units along with a suite of other health certifications such as CPR and First-Aid. We have seen the difference that AED units have during emergency situations and the lives that they can save. We make it our business to help your business be prepared for whatever medical emergencies you may encounter. As a comprehensive center for training, we make sure you and your staff are prepared to use an AED. We make the entire process simple with our efficient, yet comprehensive educational programs. Every life that is saved by an AED device is because someone made the decision to be an AED host and take the time to be trained to use the device. Take the time today to be that person and help your staff become lifesavers.

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