According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 720,000 people in the United States, suffer a heart attack each year. The CDC further explains that for 515,000 of those 720,000 people this will be their first heart attack. CPR certification is one of the most easily distributed ways to save a life. Because a life threatening medical emergency can happen anywhere and at anytime CPR training is valuable for everyone. The role of CPR during a heart attack is to keep the victim's blood flowing. The manual compression method taught during CPR Training is what saves lives. The role of the first responder is to give the victim a chance to survive until the paramedics arrive and can take over. Those minutes between when the heart stops and when the paramedics arrive are extremely critical for the survival of the victim. Learning CPR is the best way to be prepared to act when a heart attack occurs. Get involved today, you may be the only person qualified to perform CPR.

Help is On The Way

The professional side of saving lives is handled by the men and women who study to become Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Those are the people who help to form the life saving chain of events during medical emergencies. The first link in that chain is the first responder. The second link in that chain is the EMS people who arrive on the scene. Their role is to take over from the first responder and prepare the victim for transport to a medical facility. That seems like an easy enough job, but it is not always so simple. Simple things like narrow hallways, doors, and stairs get in the way of continuing CPR. Every missed manual compression puts the victim at greater risk of not surviving. To overcome these obstacles to care a device has been created to continue manual compressions. That device is the CPR RsQ Assist.

Hands Only Compressions

The CPR RsQ is a hands only device that fits over the chest of the victim. It makes doing chest compressions easier. It is invaluable because it helps to deliver accurate depth and regular chest compressions. This means a vast improvement in the chance that the victim will survive. Continuous chest compressions keep the victim's blood moving and their organs supplied with oxygen.

One of the benefits of the CPRRsQ is that it allows first responders to continue CPR for longer periods of time before fatigue begins to affect the quality of chest compressions. During a medical emergency, every little bit helps improve the victim's chances for survival. The unit is extremely portable and easy to house in any office or work environment. It is a tireless partner that helps first responders to deliver continuous and quality chest compressions. Continuous and quality chest compressions mean that there are less human fatigue compression depth errors. Every compression is uniform. The device is designed to fit the greatest number of people. It is efficient for adults and children. When Paramedics arrive on the scene, they often use an automated version of the CPRRsQ. This device which is designed for both first responders and EMS staff is manual rather than automated. It is designed to allow first responders to do a better job of keeping a heart attack victim's blood moving.

Training Is Easy and It Saves Lives

CPR Certification is still a necessity and everyone should be CRP certified. The vital role of the first responder is still critically important. The time between when a heart attack occurs and when help arrives is still critical. For additional training or to find a CPR certification class near you, call us. We have quality health and advanced healthcare classes available.

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