First Aid Courses in MinneapolisEarning your first aid certification can open the doors to new opportunities. It has the potential to enhance your life in many different aspects. So you're probably curious as to why you should earn your advanced first aid certification if it's not a requirement implemented by your employer or necessary for your field of work.

1. Self-Esteem Boost

Improving yourself with a certification will make you feel more confident about yourself. You will learn new information. Not to mention, you will be learning info and techniques that may just help you save a life. You'll be more confident in the event of an emergency because you'll know just how to respond. Additionally, it never hurts to gain extra knowledge.

2. Save a Life

You could possibly help someone in a way like no other. You could assist them in keeping their life. And who knows? You might even end up on the news because of it. On a more serious note, the individual or individuals you save will be so grateful and so will the families. Can you imagine how incredible you'll feel if you save someone's life? It'll truly be an excellent feeling that you will never forget.

According to the American Heart Association, in 2013 alone, there were 359.400 incidents of people going into cardiac arrest when not inside a hospital. Shockingly enough, only 9.5 percent of people who went into cardiac arrest when not in a hospital survived. Of those cases, only 40.1 percent had a person who was certified in CPR on site. By earning your certification, you can increase the percentage and help to improve these grim statistics. This is especially the case since a majority of instances occur at home. In comparison, the survivor rate for people in hospitals with people who are certified in CPR is much higher. In fact, 40.2 percent of people survive from cardiac arrest when in a hospital.

3. More Job Opportunities

When you earn a first aid certification and learn to do CPR, you'll make yourself more marketable to employers. This leads to more opportunities and even better ones.

4. Its Not Commonly Done

Unfortunately, most incidents of cardiac arrest happen outside of a hospital, where people aren't always trained to perform CPR or to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Because they didn't take American Heart Classes, they were unable to save a life. The New Holland Ambulance Association denotes that 50,000 percent of cardiac arrest deaths per year are preventable. Each minute without an AED reduces the victim's survival chance by 10 percent. And if a person is given CPR within the first four minutes of a cardiac arrest episode, the victim's survival chance doubles. Thus is why it's so important to take an advanced first aid course.

5. Be There for Those You Love

Whether you have children, a significant other or a parent who lives with you, there might just come a time when they need emergency medical attention and quickly. By taking American Heart Classes, you can be ready to assist your loved ones and before emergency medical assistance arrives. 


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