CPR TrainingCPR Training and Certification

Learning CPR is not just a matter of being able to save a life, it is about learning to become a responsible and responsive member of society. Tragedy strikes every day. We read about it the newspapers and watch it on the evening news. Being prepared to handle a medical emergency begins with learning CPR and earning CPR Certification.

Hands only CPR

Hands only CPR provides the training needed to perform cardiac compressions when an Automated External Defibrillator is not present. Hands only CPR is one of the most used means to save lives when a cardiac emergency occurs. What you will learn is:

  • How to rapidly evaluate the scene for hazards
  • How to assess the victim for breathing and pulse rate.
  • How to activate the EMS system.
  • How to properly provide safe but effective chest compressions
  • How to identify a dangerous scene
  • When to stop performing CPR due to safety

This CPR course shows you how to initiate CPR when all you have is your hands. Having a certificate in CPR helps to prepare you for all kinds of potential situations. Being trained to perform CRP makes the world around you a little safer. Being prepared for an emergency is the biggest part of surviving an emergency medical situation. If you would like to learn more about becoming certified to perform Hands only CRP, just call us. You can also visit us online and take advantage of our online training calendar. 

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