Public accessible defibrillators (AED) save lives. An AED device or Automated external defibrillator is used to provide an electrical shock to the heart. While different than CPR, an AED is designed to start the heart beating on its own. Public access AED's are found in businesses and often in public places such as a sport arena. 

An AED does not take the place of CPR, and more people need to obtain their CPR Certification, the two work together to help save lives. 

The chain of survival begins with first responders who begin CPR and initiate the EMS system by calling 911. If an AED is available, it should be used to try to restart the heart. CPR and AED are the two links in the chain of survival that occur before help arrives. It is both of these tools that help to save lives by keeping oxygen flowing to vital organs, such as the brain. 

CPR training is something that every person should receive. If your workplace does not offer CPR training then do it on your own. Encourage your employer to hold CPR classes. AED training is also something that people should become strive to learn. The more people who know how to perform CPR and operate an AED the better the chance of survival people who suffer from a heart attack will have. 

Advanced First Aid offers convenient and comprehensive training for CPR and AED. 

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