Tim Hoffman is a man that survived sudden cardiac arrest due to quick actions of coworkers and an EMT crew that had an Automated External Defibrillator. Tim Hoffman died and was brought back to life on October 13, 2013.Tim was working as an automotive mechanic at a car dealership in Coon Rapids, MN. Tim’s day started out like any other day, without an abnormality in his morning routine.

Tim’s world changed at 10:42 am. Tim was working on an SUV when he suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. Tim fell to the floor and Josh Gagner, a quick acting coworker, rushed to Tim’s aid. Josh immediately evaluated the situation and realized that Tim needed CPR. Josh started performing bystander CPR and called out for another coworker to call 911.

Josh performed the necessary CPR to extend the chance that Tim would survive. Tim was clinically dead when Josh started performing CPR. Josh performed CPR for 7 minutes until the Coon Rapids police arrived on scene.

The Coon Rapids police relieved Josh of the CPR duties and started performing CPR as the AED was prepared for use. The AED was made ready and annunciated commands for the Police to follow.


The AED instructed the officers to remove the clothing. Then the AED evaluated the heart rhythm. The AED then issued an audible warning and was ready for shock. The police then pressed the button and delivered the shock to Tim.

The AED successfully shocked Tim’s heart to resume beating and for Tim to wake up at 10:50 am. Tim woke up and was breathing at his own.

Josh’s successful use of CPR allowed the oxygen to flow through Tim’s body and buy the time necessary for an AED to arrive on scene to restart Tim’s heart. Tim was then taken to the hospital and made a full recovery.

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