AED Challenge

AED Challenge – Minneapolis

OSHA recommends quarterly AED/CPR refresher training. The AED Challenge is an online interactive CPR/AED training that gets the rescuer to critically think about each step in CPR and AED use.  There hundreds of cardiac arrest practice scenarios that require the skill of CPR/AED, all in a non-threatening environment and having some fun.

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Within a few months after an AED/CPR class your life-saving skills decline significantly—as much as 85% some studies show.

Benefits of the Challenege

Takes Only 10 Minutes
Quickly refresh your AED and CPR skills a few times a year. Real-life cardiac arrest scenarios provide practice and testing to maintain your skills.

Monitor AED/CPR Competence
AED Challenge gives feedback when you make a mistake and rewards you for good performance. The performance reports keep you up to date on the preparedness level of your responders.

AED Challenge gives regular, online practice between
instructor-led classes so AED/CPR trained personnel are confident and ready to respond in a real emergency. You can monitor performance and site readiness.

Proven Effective
The AED Challenge program was proven to be as effective as instructor-led refresher training in a published research study.


  • Email test reminders
  • Dozens of scenarios
  • Child/female patients
  • Performance reports
  • Troubleshooting
  • Custom test schedules
  • Tutorial and test modes
  • Advanced test

  • Hands-only CPR
  • Custom compression/breaths
  • Bag-valve mask
  • Infant/child electrodes
  • Initial pulse check
  • Pulse checks
  • Full & semi-auto AEDs
  • Custom CPR intervals

Who Uses AED Challenge?

AED Challenge has been used by over one-hundred thousand responders worldwide including those in corporations, government, schools, universities, hospitals, law enforcement, EMS, security, airports, sports complexes and non-profits.