AED Accessories & Oxygen Units

Make sure you’re properly stocked, ready, and in compliance with organizational policies and regulations.
Lifepak Accessory Adult Child Aed
LifePak® infant/child electrode starter kit

AED Accessories

We tailor fit accessories to support the various AEDs for your organization. To keep your AEDs maintained and emergency ready you’ll want to have the right accessories stationed in the right locations. Contact us by phone or email for specific pricing. AED accessories include:

  • AED Batteries
  • AED Electrodes
  • Software Management
  • AED Wall Cabinets
  • AED Wall Signs
  • AED On Site Window Decals
  • Training Posters
Medical Oxygen Unit

Medical Oxygen Units

We offer more advanced and superior quality oxygen delivery systems than most of the systems you’ll find on the market.  Our systems are easy to operate, high quality constructed, and help save lives. We stand 100% behind every product we recommend. Oxygen Units include:

  • Shoulder Bag – Frees up both hands
  • Shoulder Bag Window – Allows clear view of the content gauge
  • Permanently attached on/off Handle – No wrench needed
  • Pressure Gauge in cylinder post valve – Shows oxygen level in cylinder
  • Refillable Lightweight Aluminum Cylinder
  • 7’ Kink-Proof Hose
  • FDA Approved – No prescription needed