The Advanced First Aid Difference

Knowing you need to equip your business with quality AEDs and get your staff trained is the first step, finding the right company to work with is the second. A lot of companies can sell you an AED but can’t help with the equally critical tasks of training your staff and maintaining the AED units.  Since Y2K Advanced First Aid has been helping our customers every step of the way.  We help you choose the AED devices that will work best in your unique context, supply free training for your staff, and offer a comprehensive AED management program to ensure your AEDs are always working. Advanced First Aid is Minnesota’s #1 AED distributor and the only state approved vendor.

Don't wait for the help, be the help!

When cardiac arrest strikes every second counts. You don’t have time to wait for trained professionals to arrive.  The chance of a victim surviving sudden cardiac is 90% if they receive a shock in the first minute of the onset. You need reliable AEDs and AED program management in place.  Properly maintained AEDs and a trained staff can be the difference between life and death. 

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

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Working with Advanced First Aid is Easy

We make the process seamless and headache free start to finish.
  1. Call Us – We’ll discuss the best options for AEDs that will work for your business, agency, or organization. We can also meet with you in person. 
  2. Get Your AEDs – Your AEDs will be delivered quickly and your local free training will be scheduled.
  3. Become Emergency Ready – You receive your AEDs and AED supplies. We train your staff and set up an AED program management program so you know you’re always emergency ready and in compliance.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Instructors with Real World Emergency Experience
  • Minnesota's #1 AED Distributor
  • AAA Rating with the BBB

AEDs and AED Program Management

Equip your facility with the right AEDs. Get your staff trained properly. Ensure your AEDs are emergency ready. Be in compliance with the law.