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Teaching Businesses & Organizations to Save Lives

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The Advanced First Aid Team

Our passion is to teach businesses and organizations to save lives.  Every year in the U.S. hundreds of thousands die from sudden cardiac arrest. We want to decrease that number and keep families intact. Our team consists of emergency experts who have saved lives and know what it takes to bring life back into a person who has suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. Not everyone can do it every day, but everyone can do it once, and one time is all it takes to save a life. We prepare companies and their staff to be able to save that one life when the time comes.

Our Mission:

Don't wait for help. Be the help.

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About Our Company

In 2001, I teamed up with Medtronic/Physio-Control and the American Heart Association in promoting Public Access Defibrillation (PAD). In 2002 I started Advanced First Aid (AFA) and sold 6 AED’s.  Since then, we have grown to be Minnesota’s #1 distributor and one of the largest business-to-business distributors in the USA.  Our focus is not to sell AED’s to businesses, we implement AED progams and monitor the ongoing status with our turn key program management.   We’ve implemented or aided AED start-up programs in public and private businesses across the entire USA, Canada, England and Germany, over 5000 AED’s.  We sell all brands of AED’s, accessories, and other medical supplies and equipment.

AFA teaches businesses to save lives. Specifically, we educate businesses on the need for AED’s, program management and training. Nationwide thousands die each year second to sudden cardiac arrest, over 4000 alone here in Minnesota. This is a reality that does not need to be and you have the opportunity to make a difference in your community.  Our goal is awareness, education and ultimately heart safe communities and heart safe businesses.   Achieving this goal takes passion and commitment. Let our staff of professionals experienced in the management of emergencies share their knowledge and life-saving equipment with you.  “Don’t wait for the help. Be the help”.

There's No Substitute for Quality

At AFA you’ll receive professional medical training, best is class equipment and guaranteed 24/7 customer service.  If you share our passion to save lives, let us assist you today.

AFA is very active in volunteering in the community. We’ve created two international award-wining CPR/AED training videos that we provide free to the public on YouTube.  We also advise to Take Heart America Community Site Collaborative and partner with Parent Heart Watch and Play 4 Patrick organizations.  We donate AED’s and provide free CPR/AED training back to the community annually.

Thank you for visiting the AFA website and I hope you found it friendly to navigate. If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email or a call us at 844-CPR-AEDS.